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For over 15 years, M.E. Contracting has designed & built hundreds of landscaping and outdoor construction projects throughout the GTA.

Toronto Concrete Pools Design and Construction

Build Your Backyard Paradise

Are you a Toronto homeowner looking to learn more about quality custom concrete pool design, construction, and installation? Look no further- we’re here to help.

We are M.E. Contracting, and we are happy you’ve stopped by. Building beautiful custom pools is our passion and with more than fifteen years of leading Toronto Landscaping industry experience, M.E. Contracting is a time-trusted choice for your concrete pool construction needs.

Concrete pools are the perfect choice if you are looking to custom-design your pools’ shape and size. Offering durability, longevity, and virtually limitless versatility, concrete pools are a great choice for someone looking to invest in a quality addition to their home. In fact, research shows that adding a pool will add value to your home when it’s time to sell.
Thinking about a Concrete Pool, but not sure if it is right for you? It depends on your needs.

Concrete pools are perfect for you if:



M.E. Contracting is widely recognized as one of the GTA’s premier landscaping design & construction companies and we have the hardware to prove it.

Don’t believe us? Check out our Homestars reviews, and let our clients tell you what they think! For us, the best reflection of our work is how much our clients love it!


M.E. Contracting’s success is in large part a result of our insisting on excellent communication and transparency with the client. When we work on any pool design and construction project we employ a simple yet effective step-by-step process to ensure the client & M.E. Contracting team are on the same page.

Our process can be broken down into the following steps:



Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions.

How long do concrete pools last?

Concrete pools will likely require refinishing and resurfacing over their lifetime, but with proper care and maintenance, they can last up to twenty years! When adding this to their durability and limitless customization, a concrete pool is one of the most stylish and adaptable pools one can invest in.

Do concrete pools crack?

Concrete pools are durable, but even the heartiest of concrete pools may crack. This might be because of foundation changes in the ground the pool is installed in. That said, there are a number of safe solutions for concrete pool cracks that can maintain the longevity and enjoyment of your pool.

What is the upkeep cost of a concrete pool?

The adaptability and versatility of concrete pools cannot be understated. They can accommodate almost any custom shape and size and adapt to many special features. That said, concrete pools require more long-term maintenance and upkeep costs. These pools need to be resurfaced every ten to fifteen years, and require regular cleaning, as the porous surface of the concrete may allow algae growth. With proper chemical treatment, this can be lessened. Concrete pools can also come with higher heating costs.

If your dream pool is a unique design or style, or your space is unique, concrete pools may still be the most optimal choice for you. If that’s the case, M.E contracting and their combined decades of experience can work within your specifications to craft you a beautiful and perfect concrete pool