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M.E. Contracting design & build custom decks using the highest quality materials and professional carpenters.
Our goal is to transform your outdoor living space and enhance your home and lifestyle.
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At first thought, a deck may seem like a simple concept to put together. It’s just some wood planks forming a rectangular extension of the house, right? Wrong! You have the ability to customize your deck design with countless options. There are different colours, shapes, and sizes to choose from to build the deck of your dreams.
Great decks are like great homes. They come in all manners of size, shape, and color, often using a wide range of creative building materials like metal, engineered wood, or even concrete, plus a number of distinct finishes to make them truly unique, but are often the “odd man” out after a few years of heavy use.
If your deck has suffered a similar fate, let the design professionals at M.E. Contracting help you choose from innovative design ideas to bring your deck back to life – and make it a favored outdoor destination for years to come. M.E. Contracting has the team that can help you add a deck as a new feature to your house or bring your existing deck back to life after years of wear and tear.

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M.E. Contracting has been serving the Toronto area with premium deck design services for over a decade and tastes in decks have changed nearly as often as the weather in the spring. Our design professionals pride themselves on tracking the latest trends in deck ideas – from outdoor bars and kitchens, to expansive firepits, hot tubs, comfortable outdoor family rooms, to gardening centers to everything in between. We know how to look at your space and make a responsible recommendation that not only makes the best use of your space but also gives you a fabulous deck to enjoy for years to come.  As such, we can lend the expertise necessary to make decks a success for all clients, taking into careful consideration their taste, budget, and other project influence’s.

Coming up with the perfect deck design is not only the first step in the planning process but the most important one as well. It needs to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and something that you will be happy with for an extended period of time.

M.E. Contracting knows that deck design revolves around the most important question: how will you be using your deck?

  • Are you going to be entertaining large groups or just grilling with your family and close friends?
  • Are you going to be starting a family at some point or do you already have children past their adolescence?
  • Are you just looking for a basic design or do you want to build in custom elements such as a fire pit or garden?

Over 300 5-Star Reviews

ChrisLandscape Design


They were able to come up with a wonderful design that enhances some unusual small pieces of land that we have in front of our house. The result was a very attractive garden with additional flourishes like trellises and large planter urns that enhanced our front entrance.


JBackyard Makeover


The team were very helpful and accommodating matching our needs and wants with our budget. The end result was exactly what we wanted with no surprises along the way.


MaryLandscaping / PVC Deck / Walkways


Our project manager played a huge part in the planning process to ensure that our renovations remained streamlined and he did not disappoint. If at any time there were any issues, he would address it immediately and his professionalism always shined through. THANK YOU!


Amanda KleinLandscaping

Amanda Klein

We had a small space to work with, a lot of specific objectives and changed our minds a couple of times on the ultimate plan. The team executed the plans extremely well and in a very short period of time. We would not hesitate to use ME again.