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For homeowners looking to go the extra mile for the deck of their dreams, IPE provides unmatched beauty while also being one of the most durable building materials available on the market

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There are a number of aspects to look at before undertaking a project as large and involved as deck construction in your Toronto Backyard. You need to think about how you’ll be using the deck and just how much traffic and use you can anticipate. You want your deck to be able to stand up to whatever nature throws at it, so you need to take into account the outside environment. You also want the look and style of your deck to accentuate the feel of your home, so you need to think about color and design options. Out of all of those questions, the answer comes down to which material is best for your purposes. One of those materials is IPE decking and we give you all the details you need about why it is the preferred material for all landscaping construction projects in Toronto.


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Benefits IPE Decking – Your Ideal Material for Deck Construction

IPE decking is one of the very best materials available for deck construction. IPE wood, otherwise known as Brazilian walnut, is incredibly dense, durable, and beautiful, and it is admirably suited for all climates and types of weather. Some of the many benefits of using IPE decking are as follows:

Drawbacks Of IPE Decking

While IPE decking does have a large number of unique benefits not provided by other materials, it does have a few drawbacks, as well.

Hard to Modify – Because of the abundance of natural oils located within Brazilian walnuts, it is very hard to paint, and individuals who try generally find that the paint just sits on the surface without adhering to the wood. Of course, since IPE decking is so naturally beautiful, this is not a problem that presents itself often.

Cost – Because Brazilian walnut is much rarer than other, more common types of wood, as well as denser and more durable, it typically costs about 30% more than other types of wood. While it is more costly upfront, the money saved in the long run through the elimination or reduction of maintenance costs, repair costs, and insect prevention, among other aspects, more than makes up for it.

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Let Us Help You With Your New IPE Deck

IPE decking is an amazing material for deck construction, and to truly get the most benefit out of it, you need an experienced and professional deck contracting company like M.E. Contracting to actually construct it. We have been in the business of deck construction for years, and we know all the tricks to work with IPE decking to ensure that it lasts for decades to come.

To learn more about IPE decking, or to get started toward the deck of your dreams, give the experts at M.E. Contracting a call today!


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Are you thinking about using IPE wood for your new deck? We have the expertise to answer your questions as you embark on this home improvement project!

Why is IPE wood so expensive?

IPE wood, sometimes known as Brazilian walnut, is an exotic hardwood known for its difficult workability. The additional costs for machining and installation add to the total high cost.

How long IPE decks last?

When compared to other hardwoods, IPE wood lasts twice as long. IPE wood can endure up to 70 years with little maintenance.

Is IPE real wood?

Yes, it is a type of natural hardwood that is known for its high density. It is also referred to as Brazilian walnut.

How to maintain IPE decks?

IPE decks are known for their longevity and resistance to insects and rotting, so they don’t require much upkeep. IPE decks do not need to be stained or painted. However, we recommend washing it twice a year and applying a UV treatment to keep the colors vibrant.