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Interlocking & Paving Construction

Driveways, paths, walkways and much more

M.E. Contracting’s team of paving & interlocking will design & build your driveway, walkways, paths and other areas in your backyard.
Using the best materials and highly specialized installers and machinery, you can rest asure that M.E. Contracting will deliver the highest quality interlocking & paving you can get.
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Our dedicated and professional design staff will help you choose an interlocking surface that will add a unique, decorative feel to your drive or other pathway, while our installation team will implement that design to the highest standards necessary to meet all of your expectations. To make your Toronto interlocking design walkway a reality, our trained professionals will expertly execute all steps, including:

Preparing the base – The installation team at M.E Contracting will make sure that the base for your drive or pathway is completely stable and free of any unsuitable sub-grade material. If this requires any level of excavation, our team is trained and ready to take care of it! We will compact the base with ease and get your surface ready to install the interlocking design walkway you have always dreamed of!
Installation of Sand bedding – Our trained professionals will add a bed of sand that will keep your project level, help to secure your interlocking design pavers, and keep them in place. Our installation team is trained to make sure that this final step of preparing the base is done with expert precision and will make your project stand out from the rest!
Installation of edge restraints – Edge restraints are vital to your interlocking design paver project, and our trained staff members are experts at installing them! These restraints ensure that your pavers aren’t going anywhere and give you peace of mind that your project will look amazing for years to come!
Placement of pavers – Our team of trained professionals will expertly lay your interlocking design pavers in position to give your project the look you are going for! Our attention to detail in the process of laying your pavers is second to none and will result in a walkway that will take your breath away!
Vibrating and sanding pavers – The final touches of your interlocking design paver installation are the most crucial! Our staff will ensure the durability of your project by vibrating the pavers into place and finishing them off with our top-of-the-line sanding techniques! These two final steps are what make up the actual interlocking process, and our team of trained professionals will make sure that your interlocking design is put together tight and ready for anything that comes its way!

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Award Winning Landscaping Design & Construction

M.E. Contracting is widely recognized as one of the GTA’s premier landscaping design & construction company and we have the hardware to prove.

Interlocking Design & Construction Process

M.E. Contracting’s success is in large part a result of us insisting on excellent communication and transparency with the client.
When we work on any Interlocking design and construction project we employ a simple yet effective step-by-step process to ensure the client & M.E. Contracting team are on the same page.
Our process can be broken down into the following steps:


Each and every prospective client will first have a “discovery” conversation with the project manager to discuss the general aspects of the project.
Once we understand the project’s general outline we will schedule an on-premise consultation.
At the time of consultation the project manager will meet with the home owners, learn about the client’s “ideal project”, their “must-have”, their ideas, needs and the budget they have.
We will take notes, pictures and measurements. We will exchange ideas then use the information collected to create an estimate to match the family’s lifestyle, needs and budget.


M.E. Contracting’s project manager will use the notes, measurements and pictures he took at the initial consultation to create a perliminary design.
The design will take into consideration all aspects: structures, grading, existing trees, client’s needs, budget etc.
Once the initial design is complete, the client will be presented with the layout where they are encouraged to provide feedback so a final revision can be prepared for quoting.


Once the initial “rough” design has been agreed upon we will again meet with the client to discuss the various elements that go into the project such as materials, colour options etc.
We will develop the estimate accordingly and schedule a meeting to present and discuss the estimate with the client.


Once the final estimate is approved we will start working on the permit.
Each city or municipality has its own requirements, bylaws etc. therefore time to receive the permit can vary greatly.


Once ready to go, M.E. Contracting will schedule the construction of the project, prepare the crews, machinery, materials etc.
We will have a foreman, a project manager and the landscaping designer all working together to stay true to the design, timeline and budget

Over 300 5-Star Reviews

ChrisLandscape Design


They were able to come up with a wonderful design that enhances some unusual small pieces of land that we have in front of our house. The result was a very attractive garden with additional flourishes like trellises and large planter urns that enhanced our front entrance.


JBackyard Makeover


The team were very helpful and accommodating matching our needs and wants with our budget. The end result was exactly what we wanted with no surprises along the way.


MaryLandscaping / PVC Deck / Walkways


Our project manager played a huge part in the planning process to ensure that our renovations remained streamlined and he did not disappoint. If at any time there were any issues, he would address it immediately and his professionalism always shined through. THANK YOU!


Amanda KleinLandscaping

Amanda Klein

We had a small space to work with, a lot of specific objectives and changed our minds a couple of times on the ultimate plan. The team executed the plans extremely well and in a very short period of time. We would not hesitate to use ME again.



Got questions about interlocking design & construction? we invite you to call and speak to a staff member. Meanwhile, we’ve put together a few answers to some of our commonly asked questions about interlocking design and construction below.

Does repaving my driveway increase the value of my home?

Yes! A paved driveway adds value to your home, especially when it follows M.E Contracting’ formula for a perfect outcome: Superior design, quality materials, and top-notch construction.
Well maintained, expertly paved driveways add “curb appeal” and make a great first impression.
Properly maintained driveways can last 20-30 years and are durable and stylish ways to add practical improvements to your home.
Designing and paving a driveway for your home can add up to 10% in additional home value.

When is the best time of year to install a new driveway?

It might be surprising to know that the temperature matters when considering when to pave your driveway.
For the perfect result- a smoothly finished and well compacted driveway- the ideal seasons are late spring and summer. Thankfully, when working with M.E Contracting, we promise 100% satisfaction. Our technical expertise and experience will ensure you get a clean, durable and gorgeous driveway.