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M.E. Contracting and its team of expert landscapers and designers can transform your Toronto backyard into picturesque views sure to impress your neighbors and guests alike.

Toronto Heated Driveway Installation 

Driveway Experts

Waking up with driveways covered in snow and ice is a reality that most of GTA’s Homeowners have to deal with for about 4 to 5 months every year. 

We know that snow and ice buildup on driveways are a nuisance but an ice-covered driveway can be very dangerous too as a recent report by Toronto Public Health shows that about 3,000 people arrive at the emergency room every year in Toronto alone.

There are many reasons why a heated driveway is a great idea but having M.E. Contracting, installing a heated driveway at your home tops them all.


M.E. Contracting is widely recognized as one of the GTA’s premier landscaping design & Deck construction company and we have the hardware to prove it.


The main benefits of a heated driveway that have made them popular with so many of the GTA’s homeowners include:

Heated Driveway Installation Process

M.E. Contracting uses heating cable mats, made of cables woven together in a grid pattern. These mats are embedded beneath the surface of the driveway and when the cables heat up, they transfer heat across the driveway, preventing the snow from hardening and turning into ice. Where M.E. Contracting’s professionals shine during the installation process with matriculate work and attention to detail.

Toronto front porch Landscaping Project featuring interlocking by M.E contracting
Landscaping Project featuring interlocking and heated driveway by M.E contracting

Our crew will first prepare the driveway, lay gravel then lay the cable mats, ensuring they are properly set above the layer of gravel, making sure they have proper “padding” and then connect the system to the home’s electrical panel. Once the system is tested to ensure work is done properly, we will pour another layer of gravel, and then add the interlocking bricks, concrete, or asphalt.


Ditch the shovel & salt with
a heated driveway installation by M.E. Contracting

Driveway heating systems are great to have as they can prevent accidents and injuries as well as save you (and your back) many hours of snow shoveling.

M.E. Contracting is Toronto’s award-winning landscaper and leader in quality deck construction. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a heated driveway that will perform for many years to come and look great year-round regardless of the weather.


Installing a heated driveway system is not as simple as it sounds as it requires professional pavers, electricians, and careful planning to make sure the system will perform properly in years to come. M.E. Contracting has installed dozens of heated driveways in the past and our crews are very familiar with the step-by-step process required to install a system.

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