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For over 15 years, M.E. Contracting has designed & built hundreds of landscaping and outdoor construction projects throughout the GTA.

Toronto’s Leading Landscaping Company

Backyard Transformation Experts

For over 15 years, M.E. Contracting, a leading Toronto landscaping company, has established itself as an innovative, high-quality, and affordable solution provider for residential and other landscaping and outdoor construction projects. As a top-rated full-service Toronto landscaping company with over 300 five-star reviews on Houzz, Homestar’s, and Google, our market reputation speaks volumes.

We pride ourselves on blending time-honored supplies and designs with the latest green technologies, ensuring sustainability in every project. As Toronto landscaping contractors, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from patio construction, and inground pool construction to deck building and more, tailored to fit every budget.

At M.E. Contracting, we are your one-stop shop for all outdoor landscaping needs, and we proudly own Toronto’s only landscaping showroom, featuring over 7,000 sqft of landscaping items and accessories, including interlocking tiles, stones, sport court, decks, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, furniture, concrete pools, and even a full-size fiberglass pool!


M.E. Contracting is widely recognized as one of the GTA’s premier landscaping design & construction company and we have the hardware to prove it.

With over 15 years of dedicated landscaping services, M.E. Contracting has consistently surpassed expectations, delivering exceptional results to countless satisfied clients in and around Toronto. Our commitment to excellence has garnered prestigious awards from esteemed platforms such as Homestar, Houzz, and several other Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence for residential landscaping projects.

The key to our success is simple yet profound. We prioritize understanding our client’s needs, keeping their tastes, goals, and budgets at the forefront throughout the entire outdoor construction project, from consultation to completion. Recognizing the personal nature of landscaping projects, we advocate for on-site inspections to better grasp the existing environment, ensuring alignment with meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to meeting expectations.

With our reputation and your satisfaction at stake with every project, we limit the number of concurrent jobs, enabling us to dedicate the right blend of talent—from landscape designers to installation professionals to business and project management staff. Adhering to the principles of design and professional conduct, we proudly hold memberships in Landscape Ontario and RHL, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to earn your trust and turn your landscaping dreams into reality.

M.E. Contracting stands out as a Toronto landscaping company truly committed to its customers. We build lasting relationships, take pride in delivering the best possible results, and invite you to call M.E. Contracting today to transform your outdoor spaces into lush, fragrant retreats or enhance the aesthetics of your office building.


M.E. Contracting’s success is in large part a result of our insistence on excellent communication and transparency with the client. When we work on any landscaping design and construction project we employ a simple yet effective step-by-step process to ensure the client & M.E. Contracting team are on the same page.

Our process can be broken down into the following steps:


There are a multitude of options when it comes to designing your landscape. Considerations such as space, as mentioned above, and budget, come into mind. While there are Toronto landscaping contractors who will offer you the most expensive option first, M.E. Contracting will lay them all out for you and let you choose what you want and are able to afford.
Types of landscaping design & construction we offer:
Softscape – Softscape is a term that takes into mind using what you may already have on hand in your home and yard to design or re-design your yard. It’s an economical choice because it uses things that already exist inside or outside your home, such as flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, and flower beds.

Front View of North York Landscaping Project by M.E. Contracting Featuring Stone Interlocking Driveway, Unique, & Modern Landscape Design with Natural Rock Features.
Modern Landscaping design and build Project by M.E. Contracting featuring concrete pool construction with Water Features

Hardscape – Hardscape is a relatively new term. It is often used by disreputable contractors to promote custom, expensive landscaping solutions. The part that they don’t mention is that the term, like softscape, is simply referring to things already on your property. It encompasses any hard surface, such as driveways, walkways, or patios.
M.E. Contracting has landscape designers who are ready to bring your dream of a lush, vibrant front or backyard to life.
Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and see why we are considered to be one of the best landscaping companies in Toronto!



Making a decision regarding landscaping construction can be a lengthy process so we invite you to call and speak to a staff member. Meanwhile, we’ve put together a few answers to some of our commonly asked questions about landscaping design and construction below.

Is it worth spending money on landscaping construction? What type of return can i expect on my investment?

Investing in your home’s landscaping provides a high return on investment!

Studies show that investment in landscaping construction can, in turn, improve the value of one’s home by as much as 28%. In fact, the generally accepted investment return on landscaping-related home improvements is 60 cents on every dollar invested. It is usually advised to invest 20%-30% of the value of one’s home in landscaping. When it comes to the return on investment, M.E contracting’s landscaping professionals have the experience and knowledge to help guide you to make the right decisions.

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Do I need a permit for a landscaping construction project?

In short, it depends.
Most types of landscaping and backyard improvements will not require permits but each municipality has its own bylaws therefore we need to make sure we follow all local rules.
Rest assured, M.E. Contracting has ample experience with all types of outdoor construction projects and the necessary permits. We will guide you through the process and work with you to ensure all permits and/or required documents are done properly.

Is M.E. Contracting Properly Insured?

Yes, of course! Our company is fully insured. The safety of our people and our client’s peace of mind for their property is of utmost importance to us. M.E. Contracting has all appropriate liability insurance coverages through an Insurance company endorsed by Landscape Ontario. All vehicles and any plated and non-plated equipment are properly licensed, where applicable, and fully insured. Being fully insured is just one of the many ways we show our customers that we have our priorities in the right places- putting the safety and security of our customers and our employees first.

Do You Have a Landscaping Showroom I can Visit?

YES!. Actually, M.E. Contracting is the ONLY Landscaping Construction company in Ontario with a full-fledged 7,000 SQFT Landscaping showroom. We invested heavily in our showroom because we want our clients to see, touch, and feel the materials used in their projects. Our showroom features outdoor kitchens, interlocking tiles, decks, special railings, pergolas, and even a full-size fiberglass pool. Schedule an appointment today to visit our showroom. We are confident you’ll feel inspired.