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M.E. Contracting design & build custom outdoor kitchens using the highest quality materials and appliances.
Our goal is to transform your outdoor living space and enhance your home and lifestyle.
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You might be asking yourself, why do I need an outdoor kitchen if I already have a grill? If you want to make your outdoor space one that is frequently used and thoroughly enjoyed by all, then customizing it to be as comfortable as the inside of your home is just the answer. When you pair with M.E. Contracting to create your outdoor kitchen, all you have to do is dream up the idea, and we will run with it to create your ideal outdoor space. If you are still searching for reasons to build an outdoor kitchen, here are a few.

With an Outdoor Kitchen, Cooking Becomes an Outdoor Activity

When you get yourself out of the kitchen inside and on the patio outside where everyone else is enjoying laughs and snacks and cocktails, the fun begins before the food even hits the table. It is an opportunity to spend more time with your friends and family and even make the cooking process a group project.

Entertain With Ease

Forget about shuttling back and forth between your kitchen and the patio while your guests are all outside. With an outdoor kitchen, you can have your grill, sink, and even a refrigerator all at your fingertips without having to leave your guests. And as the night carries on and everyone gets hungry again, you can easily throw some more burgers or finger foods on the grill to satisfy everyone’s late night hunger. Your outdoor kitchen will be the ideal gathering spot!

Increase the Value of Your Home

An outdoor kitchen is a smart investment for any homeowner. You immediately add value to your outdoor space when you have M.E. Contracting build your kitchen with quality materials and professional precision. Our stainless steel options will allow you to have an outdoor kitchen that can stand the test of time and weather as well, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it before putting your house on the market.

Extend Your Living Space Outside

When you add an outdoor kitchen, you are bringing an indoor element outside, extending the amount of living space your home has to offer. It can become a common gathering area for your family and friends. And the best part is it’s outside! How often do we stare outside from our office windows, longing for fresh air and relaxation? An outdoor kitchen is an ideal way to get outside while spending time with people you care about in a beautiful atmosphere.

Why Wait?

An outdoor kitchen can become your family and friend’s favorite place to gather and spend time. It’s where birthdays and holidays will be celebrated and countless memories will be made. M.E. Contracting can help you draft up the ideal design for your outdoor kitchen that stays in your budget while still meeting your wants and needs and then bring that idea to life. Why wait any longer to install a new part of your home that is functional, practical, and can be enjoyed by so many?

The fact of the matter is we specialize in stylish and economical designs and installations that will fit any need or budget. If your outdoor living space is limited in terms of size, we help you maximize it with something as simple as a small built in grill and portable sink. If you regularly entertain and need something with more “oomph,” we might suggest a multi-level brick or wood patio featuring a built in oven or cooktop, counter height refrigerator and freezer, and solid surface countertops for food preparation and casual dining. If your budget allows, we can even suggest furnishing and other accessories to make your outdoor kitchen your favored destination for years to come.

Over 300 5-Star Reviews

ChrisLandscape Design


They were able to come up with a wonderful design that enhances some unusual small pieces of land that we have in front of our house. The result was a very attractive garden with additional flourishes like trellises and large planter urns that enhanced our front entrance.


JBackyard Makeover


The team were very helpful and accommodating matching our needs and wants with our budget. The end result was exactly what we wanted with no surprises along the way.


MaryLandscaping / PVC Deck / Walkways


Our project manager played a huge part in the planning process to ensure that our renovations remained streamlined and he did not disappoint. If at any time there were any issues, he would address it immediately and his professionalism always shined through. THANK YOU!


Amanda KleinLandscaping

Amanda Klein

We had a small space to work with, a lot of specific objectives and changed our minds a couple of times on the ultimate plan. The team executed the plans extremely well and in a very short period of time. We would not hesitate to use ME again.


More and more homeowners are embracing their existing outdoor living areas and have come to realize they are an untapped treasure that can add utility, charm, and value to any home. One of the most popular trends right now is the outdoor kitchen.

The outdoor space at your home is an amazing place to take advantage of when the weather is right. Envision yourself surrounded by friends and family, enjoying the weather and the sunset, grilling a delicious dinner in your beautiful outdoor kitchen. What could be better? At M.E. Contracting, we can help make that dream become a reality with our custom outdoor kitchens. You can choose to keep it as simple as you’d like, or build the intricate outdoor cooking area of your dreams. The possibilities are endless, and M.E. Contracting, a leading Toronto landscaping company, can make it happen for you.

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